Summary of Learning


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Well, Bloggers, the end of the semester is finally here. It is a bittersweet good bye for me, its sweet because this is my last university class for my degree, and also bitter because I have to say goodbye to ECMP355! It was a blast, and I have learnt so much! I want to thank Katia and the rest of ECMP355 class for a great semester!

My summary of learning is in two videos, I really hope that is okay! I couldn’t figure out how to put them both on the same file, not to upload the videos took forever. I kind of live in the middle of no where, so my connection is super weak!

For my summary of learning I have used IMovie, Keynote app for my presentation, and Screencast-O-Matic. It was actually my first time using all 3, I sure had fun in doing so! Ha-ha!

The first video is just a spooky trailer outlining my thoughts and emotions as I entered ECMP355, and the second video is my screencast going through my top 5 take aways from ECMP355. My second video is a little long, I really hope that it okay! 




Summary of Learning

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Thanks again, and I hope you enjoy my videos!


Until next time, 

Skylar J




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