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Week 12 Blog Post: “Can online social activism be meaningful and worthwhile? Is it possible to have productive conversations about social justice online?”

 Photo Credit: Joe Frazier Photo Flickr via Compfight cc

First off, I don’t really participate in feminism or other important social justice causes, I mean don’t get me wrong, they are totally important causes to me but I just haven’t ever engaged or put myself out there much.
Most of what I do online is sharing articles, writing my own, discussing ideas on twitter/Facebook, and engaging in discussion in the comments of my blog. For obvious reasons, I avoid conflict!
I would however like to break out of this shell I have been hiding in, because I do believe activism is meaningful and worthwhile; both on and offline. I do have a voice and strong opinions about a lot of causes, I just need to embrace what I know, and have the confidence to step forward! I matter and so do my opinions!
I think online activism is just as meaningful as offline activism because for one, the web has completely changed the way people communicate. It is now a legitimate place to do something meaningful.
Discussing social justice issues online is a valid form of communication through which we can learn to be better activists! For example: myself, I believe by engaging on online forums, blogs, and other websites helped to further educate me. And don’t get me wrong, it is true that online activism may sometimes do more harm than good, with so much information being out there and all, its definitely possible to come in touch with fans information.
That is why it is super important that you thoroughly research what your cause is before discussing and sharing with others!
In my experience, with online activism it sometimes can be hard to have conversations because then you skip out the tone of the discussion, and some times what you say can be taken out of context.
Then comes misunderstandings, etc. People can also choose to NOT read things, kind of like “people only listen to what they want to hear”.
I would definitely in the future engage in more causes I care about. It would be nice to be more active in my community than I have been. I would support my causes offline and online activism, because I feel they are equally as important and useful.
Until next time, Skylar J

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