Contributing to the Learning of Others…

Hello Again Bloggers!

Week 13 Blog Post: “How have you contributed to the learning of others?”

At the beginning of ECMP355 we have been asked to keep documents, or some records that show how we contributed to the learning of others.

So, how exactly did I contribute to “the learning of others?” 

If I am being totally honest, I don’t feel like I contributed a whole lot, but others might think differently, I tend to be a lot harder on myself! I feel like I could have commented more on my peers blogs or help them out when they asked questions on our google community. I did however, contribute by using  Twitter and sharing my blog posts from my WordPress page! I did such by sharing relevant articles, videos, chats, weekly blog posts, reflections and just my overall thoughts, questions, and concerns about Education!

The Power of Twitter!

Before ECMP355 I never had a twitter account nor did I get the just of it. Now, because of ECMP355 Twitter is my best friend and I love it!

I believe twitter to be one of the most valuable tools on the web. I am a university student finishing up my last classes in order to wrap up my Education degree; and by joining twitter in just this short amount of time I was able to meet powerful people in the education field. I was also able to connect and share with my peers and instructor from ECMP355 on twitter, it was fun and a great learning experience for mr.

I believe I contributed to the learning of others by:

  • Sharing Education related articles
  • Commenting on my peers tweets
  • Contributing to their discussions
  •  Sharing videos and links about Education
  •  Sharing Educational resources from Pinterest and other sites

I made a short from Photosnack, then screen casted it on Screencast-O-matic and uploaded to YouTube to share!

It’s just a short video about how I contributed to the learning of others!



Blogger fo’Life? 


Another way I believe that I have contributed to the learning of others was sharing my weekly blogposts from my WordPress page!

Blogging was also something I had never tried before, it was a new and interesting experience. Blogging has proven to be another powerful tool for me. Blogging helped me to thoroughly reflect, research, and share relevant articles, videos, ideas with my peers. It has helped me to open up my writing to a bigger audience, improved my confidence, gave me an opportunity to practice my writing and communication skills, built a learning support community, furthered my PLN, empowered my voice, and most of all it motivated and engaged me to a higher-level of communicative learning!

Here are a few pictures of my posts that I shared with my ECMP355 class!

All screenshots taken from My blogpage!

Should of… Could of… Would of…

I think learning from your peers is super important, I think students learn a whole lot by explaining their ideas to others and by participating in activities which they can learn from. They develop skills in learning activities, working collaboratively with others, giving and receiving feedback and evaluating their own learning. Something I will definitely be doing in my future classroom, lots of collaborative learning!

I most definitely feel like I could have contributed to more than I have, but I won’t be too hard on myself. I came in to the class without knowing a whole lot about technology, and as scared as I was I still persevered and did my best. It was not easy for my, but I stuck with it and I am super proud of myself and what I have learnt in the class. I am taking away so much from the ECMP355 and I hope that some of what I did share have contributed to you’re learning somehow! I know you all definitely contributed to my learning, so Thank You!

Skylar J


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