Formative Assessment Using Tech-Friendly Tools


Mind Map– Photo Credit: Ken Whytock Flickr via Compfight cc

Hello again!

So, in our last ECMP 355 class we discussed “Formative Assessment” and were given a free blog post to write about what we were interested in (ed-tech related). I thought since we were talking about formative assessment and different tools we could utilize using technology… I thought I would further my research, reflect, and talk more about formative assessment using technology…

So…what exactly is formative assessment?

Well, Formative assessment refers to a broad range of approaches that teachers use to manage in-process evaluations.

For example: the students comprehension, there learning needs, and also their academic progress during a lessons, units Etc.

In our last class we explored a lot of web tools we could use for formative assessment, most of them I haven’t heard of, so it was a fun new experience. We played around with a few like pear deck, kahoot, plickers, mentameter, and seesaw to name a few!

Among the many tools we explored I have to say Kahoot was my fave; I think mostly because it was more like a game, it had a little bit of competitiveness, and it really challenged my critical thinking skills ha-ha!

But ultimately, I thought all of these tools were great because they all  really encourage good communication and collaborative skills, they enhance students tech skills, increase their critical thinking skills, and most importantly it assesses them on what they have been learning about in a fun and motivating way!

I thought I would look up more tech-tools that other educators are using, looking at what they used them for, the pros and cons, and how it worked for them!

Take A Look…

I came across an awesome list for the top tech tools for formative assessment on I thought I’d share!

For interactive lessons and videos there is:

Or quizzing, polling, and getting student responses:

For discussion among students:

Of course there are many other tools out there that can be used in the same sense. But I thought i’d share this page for now! If you go to the page and click on either of these tools they will show you the rating they have gotten from other educators, what grades they are recommended for, what skills it gives students, the purpose, pros and cons, how teachers can use it, what its like, and how its good for learning! I thought that was super neat and something I will be definitely utilizing in the future!

Pssst… Another great site  (Take Three-55 digital tools and apps for formative assessment success)

Formative Assessment- Photo Credit: Ken Whytock Flickr via Compfight cc

With the mass variety of technology tools out there for teachers, it can definitely be daunting to locate and find the accurate one. Especially when thinking about the appropriateness for you, you’re students, and the School. I found this great article on Edutopia that talks about “Empowering Teachers With Tech-Friendly Formative Assessment Tools”; Thought I’d share! The article talks about formative assessment itself, and then formative assessment using technology. The article also talks about choosing the right tech-friendly tool for your students, how to gather formative assessment data, and how to plan with purpose. I liked the article!

Overall, I think formative assessment using tech-friendly tools is A-mazing! I enjoyed exploring the different tools and getting ideas on how to use them in the future. Definitely wish I used more tech-friendly assessments when I was in my internship!

If I knew then what I know now… 

Anyways, by for now!




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