Blogging Inside The Classroom

Hello Bloggers!

For our ECMP 355 class we have been ask to group/partner up and create a two-part blog post/video of a conversation responding to a specific online resource/tool.

I have partnered up with Robbie Keller, and we decided to talk about Blogging inside the classroom.

I created a topic on Flipgrid “Blogging inside the Classroom” and we responded to each other by video. Robbie played the role “concerned parent” and I responded as the “Teacher”.

Blogging in the Classroom

Robbi played the role “concerned parent” I did my best to transcribe her video.

Robbi Keller– Concerned Parent

“Well, I will start by responding with my concerns as a parent, um with the blogging in the classroom. My first thing is that I am worried about my kids privacy… um how public is their blog going to be? Are their any controls and privacy setting that we could follow up on so that my child is not exposed to online predators? Um with the horrific story of Amanda Todd a couple years ago I don’t want something like that happening to my kid. Um another thing that I am really worried about that everything is public and if my kid is anything like me sometimes she says stuff that she doesn’t mean and just kinds of comes out; and it might be irrelevant, it might be mean, it might be funny, or it might be inappropriate. I really don’t want my child to make mistakes that will follow them for the rest of their lives. For example Justine Sacco where her one tweet that she thought was funny ruined her life, she had to change her name, she got fired from her job and I don’t want that kind of thing following my child. Another thing is, is blogging really necessary? Do you have the time to put the effort in to monitoring their blogs or is it just another tech fad?”

Blogging inside the Classroom”Robbis main concerns about blogging in the classroom were.

  • Privacy, safety, and control settings:  will be her child be safe and protected from possible predators?
  • Everything is public: the potential of her child writing something that could hurt them down the road.
  • “Blogging in the classroom” is in neccessary?
  • or is this just another Tech fad

The main points of my response as the “teacher” were:

  • The importance of privacy and control settings: privacy and control setting are an important part of the teachers job when it comes to blogging online. The teacher must be careful when choosing these options looking out for the safety of their students
  • Educating the students on digital identity: introducing the students to blogging is  good way to educated them on digital citizenship
  • discussing the digital footprint they may be creating
  • Having parents/administrator involved

Unfortunately we only got 1 minute and 30 seconds to respond so I would like to add more to what I had addressed in the video.

  • When it comes to the pros and cons of blogging inside the classroom, I definitely think the pros out way the cons. I also think that it can be the perfect opening for the teacher to educate their students on digital citizenship and the digital footprint that they may be creating. Our students are growing up in a digital world, whether we agree or not they need to be educated on digital citizenship and their digital identity.
  • Obviously privacy and control settings will be an important step for the teacher, the teacher must ensure that they are monitoring students blogs excessively and keeping track of what the students post and who can see it. I think creating a closed community could be key, especially when first introducing blogging to your students. Having parents involved could help as well, having that parent involvement may motivate students learning. 
  • I think that blogging is both student and teacher-centered, they share the focus and interact equally
  • Students will have access to their work anytime, they also will be able to share it with their peers, teacher, and even parents.
  • I think the students will have consistent, purposeful reflection, how to direct their own learning, and completing their tasks independently
  • Students will learn important and collaborative skills

I found video on Primary Tech that I thought I’d share!

With that being said, I think blogging in the class is cool!  I also believe that blogging in the classroom can very beneficial for students and teacher. As long as we are educating our students on internet safety and taking the appropriate steps when it comes to privacy settings/controls and  monitoring our students blogs.

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