Thinking Out Loud…

In response to Carol Todd’s visit to the ECMP 355 class:

First of all I just want to acknowledge Carol Todd’s strength. I think she is an amazing and brave woman. As a parent, it was hard to watch Amanda’s videos, and listen/read documentaries on her story; especially the comments and lack of sympathy that some people had towards Amanda’s story. It’s hard to imagine what Carol has been through with not only the loss of her daughter but to still has to battle with the media, and cyber trolls. I admire Carol’s strength to hold on to her daughter precious memories but still managing to seek justice for Amanda, and also spreading awareness about her daughters Sextortion and cyber bullying.

As a parent this topic of “cyber bullying” has got me to think of my own child. He will be 9 this year and is already so acquainted with the digital world. It is horrifying to imagine my only 8-year-old baby coming across cyber bullying or harassment online. As much as I try to protect him I know that there is whole other world out there “cyber world” that he is going to one day explore. Carol sharing her daughter’s story and spreading awareness means a lot to me, and I am thankful for her visit with our class. It has really opened up my eyes and educated me on cyber bullying and just how serious it is, and any other bullying for that matter. It is so important for us to spread awareness of not only Amanda’s story but other cyber bullying victims as well.

It is so important for us as Educators/parents to teach our students/children about the safety in technology/ social media. It is also important for us educator/parents to create that trust and respect with our students/children so that they can come to us if/when they ever come across bullying (cyber-bullying).

I have come across an article on and they talk about “Why teaching kindness in Schools is essential to reduce bullying”. I thought it was a good read and thought I would share it for anyone else wanting to read it! The article talks a lot about the benefits of teaching kindness and how it reduces bullying inside schools.

I feel that the more we speak of stories like Amanda’s and spread awareness around the world the more kids will reach out and seek the help that they need.




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