Independent learner? I think not…


So, here’s a video I thought I would share. The guy in the video essentially just talks about learning piano online. He talks about how some people debate that people need teachers and that they just can’t learn how to play online. But he argues that you definitely can, and that some people prefer to learn on their own (online resources etc.) … These people are “independent learners”.

This got me to think, the reason why I have been struggling a bit with this piano playing. Maybe I am just not one of those “independent learners”. I would much rather have someone right there beside me… somebody to give me feedback immediately (teacher). Maybe I just need the guidance, or that “I am doing a good job” I know I’ll get it, and Ill be awesome at it! Just time, patience and lots of practice! 🙂

The online resources have been helping me tons, and I feel like I am becoming more comfortable behind the keys.

This is a learning project… not only am I learning a new skill but learning things about myself… I’m surprised at how much I learnt about myself already ha-ha. Especially being patient and trying not to be so hard on myself.

Anyways until next time,





Thought this was cute! ^^^ 🙂


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