Whats twitter good for?

Twitter is new for me; I never really understood it and how it worked, so I just didn’t bother. Over the last month and a half I have been exploring twitter and to my surprise, I actually really enjoy it. I found that twitter is a very strong social media device. If you have the time to just explore, reflect, and listen to what other people have to talk about, it’s astonishing how much you actually learn.


The more I explore twitter and other sites online I am becoming more and more familiar. I was nervous at the start of this class because I am not a technology genius, but I wanted to take it and familiarize myself more, and make sure that I had it inside my classroom. I think it’s important to learn because the younger generations are becoming more and more digitally literate.


As a teacher, I think twitter is very good tool to have. I see twitter as a way to help me grow as an educator, especially by sharing ideas with other educators. I think twitter is very beneficial for all educators; it can also help teachers to really reflect on things they do inside their classrooms by discussing with other teachers. Twitter helps to widen the possibilities by seeing other approaches that fellow educators are doing inside their classrooms etc.


I am now following quite a bit of educators on Twitter, I enjoy scrolling my news feed, and reading what everyone is sharing, or has to say. Every day I log in, I learn something new. I love to read about actual news, and things that matter. I look forward to my twitter journey, and glad I am getting more familiar with it!


Here’s a link to a site I found. It’s kind of funny… Yes I needed to find a twitter tweet sheet ha-ha. It helped me though! 😀 (Twitter for dummies cheat sheet)






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