Cyber Sleuthing


The cyber sleuthing exercise was quiet interesting! Cyber sleuthing is pretty much searching for information about anything, whether it be person, company… positive or negative. Etc. I never realized how much and how long I’ve already been cyber sleuthing (ha-ha creeper). For our ECMP355 class we have been given a cyber sleuthing exercise. We had to pick a partner, look up their name, and find out as much information as we could about that particular person.

For this exercise Robbi Nace Keller and I decided to be partners. When I had typed Robbi Nace Keller immediately pictures and different website came up (-YouTube, twitter, word press, Google plus,, and Pictaram)

The first pictures I see are of horses, Robbi barrel racing, and Robbi wearing a cowboy hat. So, I immediately had my first clue. Robbi is obviously, a barrel racer.

The first site that was below her images was her twitter handle. (@RobbiNaceKeller) Naturally I clicked on her twitter account first and low and behold, it’s Robbi!  Robbi seems pretty active on twitter, her twitter profile tells me that she is a barrel racer, teacher, and taking ECMP 355 at University of Regina, and that she lives in Killdeer SK.

I came across Robbi’s blog on, which is On Robbi’s blog I found that promotion of democracy in the classroom, political theory and history are her interests. I’ve also learnt that Robbi grew up in Pennsylvania and was involved in rodeos since she was 4 years old. She moved here to Saskatchewan in 2015 with her husband. She likes to barrel race, read, and do crafts. She is currently substituting while she is working on getting her certification in Saskatchewan. Robbi’s blog also tells me that she has 3 horses; Jellybean, Buzz, and Belle. (I love the names and the horses)

Robbi definitely gave a good impression; she seems to have a lot of passion about Barrel racing, Education, and anything else she puts her mind too. I loved Robbi’s blog, and learned that we have something in common (horses). I also loved that Robbi chose hand engraving for her learning project. It reminded me of my late father in law. He loved the western lifestyle; he loved rodeos, always  wore cowboy hats/boots, and loved his belt buckles; I thought it was super neat that Robbi chose that as her learning project! 🙂



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