This is me…

I am strong

I am confident

I am happy

I am amazing

I am great

I am healthy

I am unique

I am special

I am gifted

I am loved

I am loveable

I am joyous

I am fabulous

I am wonderful

I am ME


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A little something about me…

Hello All,

My name is Skylar Jack, I am a 27 year old Nakoda woman from Carry The Kettle First Nations (Saskatchewan). I am currently in my last year in the Indigenous Elementary Education program at the First Nations University of Canada.

I currently reside on my home community with my husband and son. We moved back home exactly 1 year ago, after my father in law passed away my husband took over the farm and looking after his dad’s horses. It was tough in the beginning trying to adjust to the country life; coming from the big city… but we got used to it and we now love living in the country. Its quiet and content.

I am familiar with technology and used some form of it inside the classroom but I still feel like I have a lot to learn, and hope I can find new ways on how to bring it to my future classroom. I am excited and looking forward to ECMP 355; With todays generation becoming more and more digitally literate technology I look forward to learning more about technology and how I can bring it inside my classroom.

Pinamiya! (Thank you